Important changes in the transportation and logistics industry mean that companies need to rethink how they do things in order to do well. Inquidia offers help to clients to understand and use technology better for their business. They also help improve how they serve their customers.

It may seem impossible to protect against this industrywide change. Understanding change and making it happen within your company can create new opportunities for transportation and logistics companies.

Our transportation and coordination agencies.

The train industry

Our transportation counseling group works with urban transportation, rail cargo, rail maintenance, and rail technology companies. We help our train clients do better work and be more efficient, even though the train system is old and the way people use it is changing.

Shipping Industry

The shipping industry is all about transporting goods and products from one place to another using ships and boats.

We help shipping clients improve their fleet and shipping methods to avoid having too many ships and uncertain demand. Our coordination counseling experts help to develop new and creative strategies and business models for large shipping companies and terminal operators.

Post and delivery industry

Our special advice helps postal and delivery companies benefit from famous brands and local customers. We help players understand their customers and what they believe in order to keep them interested in the products and services. We put them in the right place to take advantage of important last-mile locations.

Coordinations and shipping business

We work with companies that specialize in shipping by sea, logistics contracts, transporting goods by road and air, and freight. We help these companies find the best areas and markets for their business. We help provide advanced analytics to get more value out of your assets.

Where We Provide Esteem within the Transportation and Logistics Industry

Our transportation and coordinations counseling group accomplishes changes over the postal and parcel, rail, shipping, and logistics industries to assist clients:

  • We help you adjust your business and work methods to fit the market and prepare for future changes.
  • Continuously help with technology, analysis, and skills. We help you change your business to digital on your own or work with companies that are changing how deliveries and transportation work.
    Understand and use more environmentally friendly supply chains and technologies.
  • We can help you discover new ideas and recommendations, like using cleaner shipping fuel in response to IMO 2020 rules. We also go beyond just obeying rules, and we work to meet the growing demand from our customers for eco-friendly services.
  • Provide excellent customer service. With our guidance, you can send a message through various channels to create and deliver a complete customer experience.
    Understand and adapt to promote changes.
  • We help you respond to current trends in business, taxes, and trade barriers and predict new and growing changes.

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