For companies that sell products to customers, the shift to digital technology has become very important. Our experts work with customers to find the best ways to improve their products and services by first understanding their business well.

Our Services for Consumer Products Companies

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We will help you figure out how to use advanced technology like data collection and AI in your system. We will test and show you how it will make your work better before we add it in. We use technology to do jobs faster and team up with people from different parts of the company to keep up with what customers want.

How We Help CPG Companies Prepare for the Future

Customer Insights

Managing a product portfolio needs new ways of using customer feedback, whether it’s in the food industry or with consumer goods. Our method focuses on understanding what influences people’s choices in each category or niche, so you can create successful positions with potential for growth. This changes how we think about different brands and how we group them. Digital marketing is a type of advertising that uses the internet and digital technologies to promote products or services.


Digital Marketing

The department that sells things is having trouble with digital marketing growth. We help CPG companies get results by using technology, working with agencies and marketing technology providers, and combining new skills with current employees and outside help.

Digital Supply Chain

In the past, big companies controlled the CPG industry, but now the winners can work with many outside partners. We start from the beginning to understand what tasks partners can do better than us, and which tasks we need to do ourselves to support CPG companies in transitioning to an outside presentation.


You want to know your customers’ shopping habits and where they live so you can advertise to them in the best way. We can help you create a customized section of products for specific channels that can be scaled up to attract more customers. We use advanced technology and partnerships with retail companies to understand consumer preferences and behavior.

Pricing and Net Revenue Management

For companies that make consumer packaged goods, saving money has a big impact. We help you finance your own EBIT change by analyzing your brand portfolio, managing exchange terms, and making sure the pricing satisfies both buyers and the ecosystem’s supply chain needs.

Climate Change and Sustainability

Above the respect chain, there is a big chance to make sustainability a way to be better than others. We help CPG companies make decisions that focus on sustainability and also benefit their shareholders.

Our Client Work with the Consumer Products Industry


A big store that sells food and drinks in many countries wanted us to help them guess better how much their customers will want to buy using a computer program. The project made things more accurate by 4 to 18 percent, saved order planners 50% of their time, and added an extra 0. 4% to 8% shows the profit margin.

We worked with a big company that makes personal care products to make online advertising centers in six countries. Our team can work with 3,000 locations and social media pages to make special experiences for customers. The company is great at marketing online and runs more than 50 campaigns worldwide. These campaigns usually make three times more money than they cost.

A shop in South America that sells gadgets and furniture worked with us to make a system that can guess which items will sell the most at each of their 1,000 stores. We used different kinds of information in our machine learning system to guess what people might ask for. This might make sales go up by $200 million and make a profit of $50 million in cash.

We put together teams with people from different departments in ten countries to start using data to market a well-known global brewery. We worked together to create over 50 test campaigns in the past two years. The marketing campaign that was not used made more money from digital ads, cost less to reach customers, and made more sales in stores where it was tested.

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