In order to effectively navigate the future of the car industry, it is crucial to embrace innovative ideas, strategies, and operational methods. Our team of automotive consultants possesses the knowledge, connections, and global presence necessary to revolutionize today’s automotive leaders and prepare the future disruptors.

This is undoubtedly one of the most thrilling yet challenging periods in the history of the car industry. Developments in ride-sharing, autonomous vehicles, electric cars, and other areas are impacting not only the industry itself but also the world at large. These advancements will undoubtedly bring about significant changes.

Vehicle mobility has been the driving force behind societal transformation over the past century, but companies in the automotive sector still have a long journey ahead.

Our Approach to Working with the Car Industry

Our goal is to change the world. Every one of our customers designs an automotive strategy based on the ability to reinvent and redefine the market. We provide support to automakers across the board:

  • Redesign automotive R&D to absorb underutilised technology
  • Large-scale automated automobile modification projects are dispatched
  • Develop into mobility administrations, self-driving automobiles, and other contemporary enterprises


We draw from an extensive reservoir of knowledge and experience, as well as a global network of specialised automotive professionals, to help our clients in the vehicle industry realise strong desire.

How we Work with the Car Industry

We offer assistance our car industry clients analyze how major industry patterns influence their trade, counting:

  • Making a difference to form a cleaner world 
  • Moving forward security by diminishing activity accidents 
  • Making portability more available and more impartial for all


With their extensive industry experience, our automotive methodology experts use benchmarks and issue-specific diagnostics to help customers prioritise and strategy. At that point, we collaborate with them to translate those ideas into tangible actions, offering aid in determining how and when to obtain underused methods and products.

Our expertise encompasses the whole automobile value chain, from business strategy and building shareholder value to practical change initiatives and comprehensive organisational changes.

In expansion to our useful work, we’ve built six centers to drive automotive-specific items and development:


  • The Center for Climate Change & Electrification is where we focus on electric vehicle markets and methods, and we study how EVs affect energy, infrastructure, and related industries. We use many tools to help clients figure out their business opportunities, how much money they can make, and what they need to make their products. We also look at their competition and the direction the industry is going.

  • At the Center for Creating Car Products, we help car companies understand what customers like and how they shop. This helps them make better products and make more money. We use a variety of tools to manage how long a product is sold and how much it costs. We use our stage design and innovation plans to keep up with what clients want while being cost-effective.

  • The Center for Operations in Automotive is where we help clients improve their car manufacturing and supply chain for the future.  We help clients by using the best tools like production lines, labs, technology displays, and advanced analytics to help them make new products, devices, and partnerships.

  • The Automotive Deals & Marketing Center presents deals and promotions for cars.

  • Inquidia is really good at finding great deals and advertising for car industry clients. We help clients with projects in digital car advertising, online and in-store sales, and pricing and incentive management. To do this, our experts use a lot of tools and data to help with marketing, sales, and pricing.

  • The Center for Advanced in Automotive helps car companies make better ways to sell cars, use more technology in all parts of their business, and create new ideas for cars like self-driving cars and electric cars. We help clients by giving them important tools like data platforms, AI, and advanced analytics, and we also show them new ways of working, like being flexible and becoming a more advanced company. In this job, we work with our digital experts to make complex changes. We also work with Platinion, GAMMA, and Computerized Wanders.

  • The Center for Versatility Innovation is studying new ways to move around that go beyond just using cars. This includes things like different types of transportation, public transportation, and smart infrastructure.


Our Automotive Industry Tools and Solutions

Auto AI: Opening the Esteem of AI within the Car Industry
Many AI projects in the car industry don’t go beyond the initial testing phase. Our advanced data analysis system uses business and technology expertise to help clients achieve long-lasting, comprehensive implementations that change the way the industry works, disrupting operations, sales, marketing and more.

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