Data Scientist Toolkit

Data Scientist Toolkit

What do our data scientists keep in their toolkit? Lots of things. When they're looking at data in a clinical way, and making predictions on the future, our data scientists know when to use the right technology at the right time.

Data Science Exploration & Visualization Technologies

The raison d'etre of data munging, data warehousing, and other systems for establishing data quality is to aid in decision-making. The cleaned data are then explored by the human mind, with tools below as great aids.

Data Munging Technologies

In our experience, a businesses most profound need is to have their data organized, standardized, and consolidated with systems for data quality. These tasks are in vernacular, are referred to as data munging.

Specialized Databases in Data Science

A discussion of the variety of specialized databases.

Big Data Science Technologies

The ability to run queries and programs on data, interactively, is a central capability for the practice of data science.

Statistical Analysis and Machine Learning Technologies

From Parametric Linear Models to Forecasting/Time Series to Machine Learning, we use a lot of techniques to find the answers we're looking for.

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