Relational Databases

Modern relational databases provide enterprise class support for Data Analytics and Data Science. With features like clustering, partitioning, bitmap indexing and columnar storage engines, relational databases can be effectively used for data warehouses, data marts and other analytical data structures.

We'll help you make the most out of your classic relational database infrastructure.

We grew up with Oracle, DB2, Informix, Sybase, and SQL Server as the databases of choice for many years. These full featured databases have grown over the years to include hundreds and hundreds of features that let them provide great performance for all kinds of operations. Unfortunately, these are also non-trivial investments for many companies, particularly those who are looking to scale up and scale out. Many of our clients are always looking for alternatives here.

We'll help you take advantage of open source database alternatives.

Several years ago, open source databases were seen as "nice," but not "nice enough." A lot has changed. Recent releases of Postgres and MySQL have shown that these databases are coming of age, and provide an amazing amount of capabilities for very little investment. With advanced features like columnar storage engines, partitioning and materialized views, these databases are now in the sweet spot for companies with tens of millions of rows of data in their tables.

We can take you beyond traditional relational databases.

Open source competitors such as MySQL and Postgres have spawned a new generation of analytic databases, like InfiniDB, Actian, and Redshift that greatly enhance analytical capabilities. These databases scale up tremendously, providing great performance for hundreds of millions to billions of rows of data. Purpose-built, these engines enable interactive query performance for data volumes that often cause classic RDBMS' to choke

Inquidia has expertise in proprietary and open source relational technologies, and the skills needed to make the most of your database investments.

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