Data Engineering Technology

Data Engineering Technologies

The foundation for all Inquidia’s implementation services is the ingestion, processing and management of our client’s data. Data engineering involves the programming, design and management of data as it flows into and through an organization becoming actionable analytics. See what technologies we love.

ETL & Data Integration

You've got to extract, transform and load your data to use it effectively. At Inquidia, we know the tools and technologies to get this done, while keeping investment in check.

Relational Databases

Learn about how we use these tried and true foundations to power analytical systems. We've got intimate knowledge of when to use them...and when not to.

Analytic Databases

With fast queries and strong SQL compliance, we're helping our customers turn to special-purpose analytic databases for their high volume analysis. Find out if they can work for you.

Hadoop Ecosystem

We've helped companies turn to large scale multiprocessing frameworks like Hadoop, but only when their needs demand. We know the technologies and help our customers put them in place, when its the right thing to do. Read on.

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