Sometimes, simple reporting can deliver the metrics you need to manage your business. Inquidia works with leading Data Analytics technologies to deliver your financial, operations and sales data in easy to access reports. Whether it's Pentaho Reporting, Cognos, BusinessObjects, or any other banded report authoring tool. Success is found when consumers get the information they need when and how they need it while report developers are able to rapidly develop and integrate.

Begin with the data consumer

Reports only succeed when they are easily accessed and understood by the user. Our reporting solutions are delivered via web and email with a variety of popular document, spreadsheet and HTML formats. Report design is tailored to the audience using charts and visualizations and/or tabular data to convey necessary information. With this flexibility, the data consumer can guide the technology and design to meet their needs.

Make data access easy

Reporting applications can be difficult to maintain if the underlying data access is not well orchestrated. Inquidia leverages reporting platforms that offer sophisticated metadata models that encapsulate complex database structure and standardize data fields while enabling query development using business semantics. Business semantic layers exist in tools like Cognos Framework, BusinessObjects Universe, Pentaho Metadata and Pentaho Mondrian Schema. With proper design, these layers can be exposed for ad-hoc end user report authoring.

Set the standards with report templates

Consistency is key. How things look matter to the end consumer, because seeing trends and patterns in your business is easier if you don't have to rethink how to read each report. We traditionally start with common report templates, colors, styles and design principles to ensure that all your reports have a consistent look and feel...and one that can be changed dynamically.

Design the interactivity with parameters and controls

We often use technologies like Pentaho for reporting, because they are built on modern frameworks that allow embedding of external libraries for increased interactivity. Presenting standardized reports to consumers is a fine line between giving folks what they need to manage their metrics, while also giving them the flexibility to find what else is behind the story. We'll build sophisticated selectors, cascading prompts, menus, trees, and searches to get people quick access to the formatted data they need.

Give secure access and distribute

Often, we need to enforce report and data authorization. We use report delivery frameworks that integrate with your security (e.g. LDAP, MSAD) repository to limit access based on user and role privileges that you set up, Additionally, sometimes the same report can be access by multiple consumers each restricted to their view of the data. We'll pass through user groups and other credentials to ensure that users only see the data they are are allowed to see.

We'll deploy the reports on all kinds of platforms for either quick access or high interactivity. Whether we're deploying an interactive version to a website, or generating PDF's, Excel, or other files, we use the right technology and methodology to make sure that people get the report output they need in a timely fashion.

Sometimes flexibility is the only answer

Many customers just want maximum flexibility. We'll use tools like Pentaho's interactive reporting package to enable user report authoring that provides selection of fields, filters and sorts and the ability to save and share reports with others. Not everyone wants this level of interactivity, but in some cases, it presents a nice balance to standard, canned reports with parameters.

Our reporting solutions can be delivered to the people who need them via web sites and email with a variety of popular document, spreadsheet and HTML formats. Users can specify parameters, schedule the reports and deliver them automatically or on demand. Inquidia can help you take your data and reporting needs and deliver them as a complete reporting platform.

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