Dashboards & Scorecards

Inquidia builds dashboard applications across the enterprise providing interactive charts and data while also enabling integration with existing web applications. From KPI-driven scorecards designed for executives to interactive dashboard applications that support front-line business users, Inquidia can showcase your data into the tools your users need.


We view dashboard design in the context of a complete information access framework. Dashboards are becoming the "home page" to a richer analytical application.

Most BI platforms have some form of dashboard authoring included. Technologies like Pentaho include a Dashboard Designer tool that lets developers and power users place content components and parameter widgets into templatized layouts. Alternatively, technologies like Tableau have an dashboard and story frameworks "baked into" their core software, enabling users to quickly combine visualizations into interactive dashboards. Tableau dashboards can be shared or deployed via Tableau's Server product.

Pentaho also offers the Community Dashboard Framework (CDF) via its CTools suite for custom dashboard application development. CDF lets you configure advanced dashboards with greater control over events and styling plus the ability to integrate 3rd party graphics and widget libraries. CDF is meant for developers who do more than simply drag and drop objects onto a canvases, providing much more control of application behavior. Inquidia has used CDF since its inception. We've seen it grow from a simple JSON configuration tool into a more complete development platform.


Sometimes people want a more stable scorecard for measuring the effectiveness of a specific partner, client, or customer. We use much of the same methodology as we do with Dashboards, but often in a scorecard there is a little less interactivity. The focus is on visualizing a battery of KPIs in a quickly consumable manner. When we build scorecards to be distributed via documents (e.g. PDF), we look to technologies like Pentaho Reporting, which combine compound report creation with finely tuned pixel-perfect layouts.

Let Inquidia showcase your data to your users through our advanced dashboard and scorecard design and development capabilities.

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