Analytics Roadmap

Analytics Roadmap

Get clarity with an Analytics Roadmap

Becoming a data-driven business is not easy. We know. We've helped many organizations down the path. You must change culture, process, technology, and sometimes organization all while still operating your business day-to-day. It's easy to throw up your arms and keep making decisions the same way you've done a million times before. We can help you break this reactive cycle.

An ounce of prevention...

In a technology world abuzz with agile development methodologies its easy to lose sight of the forest through the trees. You need to take a step back, survey the landscape and prioritize. With a little planning and perspective, your agile delivery can start producing what you need. Inquidia's analytics and architecture experts can get you on track.

Assess the situation

Step one on your data driven journey is to challenge your business strategy. We'll help you restate it as a hypothesis, likely a whole chain of hypotheses. Why? Hypotheses can be tested and if you're going to be data driven you'll need to experiment. We'll help you identify what needs to be tested and how it should be measured -- creating a new way for you to gather analytics requirements.

Of course, you'll need data in order to measure. We'll sift through your data assets, inventorying along the way, to identify what must be gathered to support your new analytical challenges. Don't worry. We won't put blinders on. In the modern big data era, we know that all data can be feasibly captured even if we're not exactly sure of its future value.

People matter too. Just because we'll use data to drive decisions doesn't mean human judgement has no contraire! Your staff may need to learn a new language, one of experimentation and data interpretation, but with proper incentives, and cultural/organizational changes everyone will be able to leverage your new analytics.

We can't forget about technology. You've likely made data and analytics investments, but how best to leverage them going forward? Our solution architects will dig in and understand what you have in place today, what works and what needs some help.

Identify options

Once we've gathered analytics requirements, inventoried data assets and assessed existing data and analytics technologies, we're ready to start identifying solution options. We'll bring our experiences and research to bare as we evaluate and educate on architectural and analytical alternatives. We'll also break down the analytic requirements into project-sized chunks including data and architecture dependencies.

Often the journey is more valuable than reaching the destination. Our clients find this part of the roadmap project to be invaluable as we work together to evaluate, prioritize, accept, dismiss and discuss options. There is no cookie-cutter answer but there are patterns and best-practices. We'll educate on these and help you understand the implications.

Design a solution and prioritize

With a mutual understanding of the solution options, its time to make choices and prioritize. You'll bring knowledge of your business and staff to help prioritize initiatives. We'll bring our professional and technical judgments and help you understand the pros, cons and dependencies. In the end, we'll weigh in with our recommendations -- which if we've done our job right, will not be a surprise.

Create a plan, Define an architecture

We'll wrap up the effort by defining a data architecture and developing a plan of action. Your roadmap will include phases of analytic and architecture implementation with scope, resource and timelines.

If you want, we'll identify skillsets needed for ongoing development, administration and maintenance, present organizational design recommendations and/or recommend development and management processes.

Here to guide you

We don't just drop a pile of documents on you and cut out. We are committed to your success. We'll be happy to engage our technology implementation and management services to see that you get off on the right foot and stay directed as you take your data-driven journey.

Contact us today to find out how Inquidia can show you how to collect, integrate and enrich your data. We do data. You can, too.

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