Data Science Exploration Services

Data Science Exploration Services

Assessing potential

Customers new to analytics often wish to take a quick look at their data to assess the potential for analytics.

They may have specific hypotheses they’d like to test, or may wish to simply explore a subset of data to see if patterns emerge that would lead to hypotheses about either business performance or data products. Inquidia’s data science exploration services are brief proof-of-concept engagements that take a slice of data to analyze, either testing specific hypotheses or searching for patterns to generate new hypotheses – or both.

The “munged” data are generally first examined visually in R, WPS, Python or perhaps Tableau (Omniscope, Spotfire, Qlikview).

After visual inspection, the data are summarized and analyzed using R/WPS. We'll produce a report on findings with go-forward planning produced in collaboration with you.

With a little statistical exploration, you can identify the best opportunities to develop.

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