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    Data Science. Using your data to see beyond the customary insights.

    For Inquidia, Data Science is a four-headed organism with focuses on business, data, analytics and narrative. Data Engineering is every bit as critical to DS as is statistical analysis. Yes, DE changes dramatically each technical generation, as it must to keep up with the supply of newer, larger and more disparate sources of data. But data challenges aren’t going to fade away, or even become “solved” problems.

    End to end data science

    Data Science and Data Analytics share underpinnings of business, technology and statistical analysis. According to data scientist Drew Conway: “First, one must have hacking skills …(which) in this context mean proficiency working with large, unstructured chunks of electronic data … Second, one needs a basic understanding of mathematics and statistics … Finally, and perhaps most importantly, a data scientist must have some substantive expertise in the data being analyzed.”

Data Science Strategy

Our unique "science-of-business" methodology can get you started in the right direction.

Data Science Exploration Services

Sometimes you need to do a little exploration to see where the opportunities are.

Data Science Statistical Services

We've got the techniques and tools in place to show you how to get it done.

Data Science & BI Integration

Put your findings in play with our data science integration knowledge.

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