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Tableau Software + Inquidia

Tableau software has quickly become a favored component of our client's analytics stack. We’ll help you maximize its benefits – and can go one step further to help you create the infrastructure that allows Tableau to perform to its fullest.

Inquidia's Unique Tableau Consulting Services

We've spent decades helping our clients uncover exciting things in their data. Our Tableau consulting services are organized to help you do this, whether you're just starting out with Tableau, or you need some advanced expertise.

Create Functional & Beautiful Tableau Workbooks

Even the best analysis can get muddled if the story isn't visually appealing. Our Tableau data visualization experts create compelling visualizations that are as intuitive as they are impactful. We have experience across diverse industries and can guide you to best practices that will make your visualizations shine.

Get the Most Out of Tableau Server

If you have made the investment in Tableau Server, then maintaining performance and enabling widespread access are essential for the ROI your organization demands. Inquidia can fine tune your server deployment, remove performance bottlenecks, and make Tableau the go-to analytics solution for your company.

See the potential in Tableau with help from our data analysts

Tableau provides analysts the ability to open-mindedly explore data with unparalleled power, coaxing the data to reveal its secrets. Combine its power with Inquidia's mastery of modern statistical techniques and proven BI heritage and we'll make your data talk – providing new and often unsuspected insights.

Get the most from Tableau with the right data in place

Great visualizations require great data. But when data is scattered across your organization even basic tasks become a nightmare. We can help. We’ll deploy a data collection architecture that makes sense. One that scales. One that lasts. One that gives you the answers you need. We’ve helped organizations pair Tableau with state-of-the-art solutions and technologies from the brightest innovators in the marketplace to maximize the full power of their data. We'll help you stop worrying about how to get the data and focused back on how to make it sizzle.

Seamlessly integrate Tableau into your environment

You may have an established BI and analytics platform but are intrigued by what Tableau might add. We’ll help you seamlessly integrate Tableau into your existing application framework, allowing the power of Tableau’s visualizations to bring new life to existing analytical capabilities for your employees, customers and partners. We can deploy Tableau visualizations, dashboards, and advanced self-service capabilities into a parameter-driven web application. We also can implement advanced data and object security so the right people see the right visualizations at the right time.

Contact us today to find out how Inquidia can show you how to collect, integrate and enrich your data. We do data. You can, too.

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