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Pentaho Implementation Experts

With over a decade of experience in the Pentaho platform, Inquidia has established itself as the world’s premier Pentaho implementation experts. With scores of projects for dozens of clients in diverse industries, our track record of success is second to none.

Whether you're an enterprise deploying business intelligence to information hungry users or an OEM needing to embed analytics into your core platform, we've done it all. We’re experts in the entire Pentaho technology stack, including PDI, Mondrian, Reports, Dashboards and BI server configuration

Inquidia's expertise with the Pentaho platforms is second to none. We've worked with Pentaho since its inception, developing training curricula, as well as developing components of the suite itself. A few notable items about Inquidia's long and deep relationship with Pentaho:

  • Pentaho Partner Since 2006 (Version 1.x)
  • Two-time winner of Pentaho Partner Award
  • 50+ successful Pentaho projects
  • Pioneered the Pentaho training curriculum
  • Original trainer for public and on-site Pentaho training
  • Core member of Pentaho Big Data Team
  • Regular Pentaho Marketplace plug in development
  • Multiple Pentaho code contributors


Pentaho Data Integration Development

Whether it’s a straightforward data mart, real-time interaction with web services, or a full blown big data integration, we’ve done it all with PDI. Our deep platform knowledge and years of experience with PDI makes us the hands-down experts.

  • Big Data Management with Hadoop, Impala, Hbase, Mongo, and more

  • Classic Data Warehouse, Data Mart & Hybrid Database Management

  • Pentaho Data Integration as a Service Layer

  • Pentaho Data Integration as a Data Content Provider

  • Custom Plug Ins & Components


Pentaho Analyzer & Mondrian Development

Unleash the power of the Mondrian architecture with our expertise. Go beyond simple cubes and take advantage of virtual cubes, advanced caching and dynamic schema processing to give your team the information they want. We know how to make Mondrian sing. Whether you're accessing with Pentaho Analyzer, or using lower cost options like Saiku, we'll get the power of OLAP into the hands of your users.

  • Pentaho Analyzer and Saiku Customization & Integration Expertise

  • Mondrian 3 and Mondrian 4 Schema Development

  • Dynamic Schema Processing for

  • Multi-Tenant Deployments

  • Multi-Tenant Cube Authorization Know-How

Pentaho Reporting Development

Pentaho Reporting can give you a foundation to measure your business. If you’re looking for help on embedding, automating and providing sophisticated interactive reporting, we have the answers.

  • Classic Pentaho Reporting Development

  • Pentaho Report Embedding & Content Distribution

  • Custom Charting Engine Implementations

  • Dynamic, User-Controlled Reporting

  • Pentaho Metadata Editor Development & Deployment


Dashboard Designer & CDF Development

Getting the data is only part of the story. Our team works with the entire Pentaho Dashboarding stack. From straightforward built-in dashboards to advanced uses of the Community Dashboard Framework, our team brings the know-how to make your dashboarding apps sizzle.

  • Standard Dashboard Designer Component Development

  • Custom Dashboards with Community Dashboard Framework

  • Custom Dashboard Content Development and Integration


BI Server Embedding & Integration

Getting started with the server out of the box is a piece of cake. But when you want to do rich UI customization, advanced security models, and secure data access, it’s time to rally the forces. Let us work with your team and show you how to drive it home.


  • Pentaho User Interface Customization and Embedding

  • Advanced Application Authentication & Authorization models, and secure data access

  • Pentaho Analytics, Reporting and Data Integration Application Integration

Selected Pentaho Projects

Metadata Injection with Pentaho Data Integration

By Matt Casper, Senior Injectionologist

New from Inquidia Labs: Log Helper for Pentaho Data Integration

By Chris Deptula, Senior Lab Director, Evil Genius Department

Swallowing a mouthful of JSON via the Elephant

By Bryan Senseman, Senior Data Ingestionologist

Case Study: Rocky Mountain Health Plans

Inquidia was called on by RMPH to develop their data infrastructure to help improve the health of Colorado

Case Study: USAble Life

USAble Life Delivers Government Standard Files Propelled by Inquidia Consulting

Case Study: Adler Planetarium

The Adler Planetarium Launches Modern Analytics Fueled by Inquidia Consulting

Inquidia Review: Major Newspaper Data Warehousing Work

"The quality is the biggest driver and the biggest distinguishing factor that Inquidia brings to the table."

Case Study: Intelligent InSites

Intelligent InSites Delivers Asset Management Analytics Propelled by Inquidia Consulting

Case Study: BlueCava

Inquidia implements Hadoop-based platform to maximize Big Data for BlueCava

Case Study: The Swiss Colony

Harnessing Web Data for Business Intelligence with Pentaho's BI Suite

Case Study: Nutricia North America

Inquidia and Pentaho Deliver Cloud-based Open Source BI for Nutricia

Case Study: Delta Dental of Virginia

Delta Dental Turns to Pentaho and Inquidia to Support Next Phase of Growth

Case Study: Case Commons™, incubated and funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation

Inquidia and Case Commons™ Join Forces to Provide Cutting-Edge Analytics for Human Services Agencies

Case Study: BNSF Logistics, LLC

BNSF Logistics Selected Inquidia to Jump Start Business Intelligence Initiative

Case Study: iCrossing

With help from Inquidia, iCrossing expands Connected Marketing Platform capabilities

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