Embedded Analytics Development

Embedded Analytics Development

Build it in, without building it all.

You have a great application. You need to provide embedded analytics and reporting. Sure, you could pull your development team over to a reporting application project to build it from scratch, but is that really the business you want to be in?

There are a lot of options for embedding analytics into your web app. Some of them are freely available as open source modules, some require software licensing. Let us know what you're looking for and we can help you find the right mix.

We can help you embed analytics in your application.

We've embedded reporting solutions, OLAP applications and dashboarding apps when there's simply no capacity to build one from scratch. There are a lot of out-of-the box options that can be OEM'ed into your master application, with very favorable licensing. We've done a lot of work embedding analytics using Pentaho, Tableau and others.

But, it's not all about embedding snappy visuals. We'll help you integrate security, implementing the right authentication, authorization and access methods so that people get only the analytics they need in a seamless user experience.

Skin it. Wrap it. Style it.

Your embedded analytics cannot look like a whole new application. It's got to blend in. We've spent time working with dozens of technologies to be able to customize the look and feel of your out-of-the-box components. If you have an existing application in place, fine - we'll use it. If not, we've found great success using the Drupal open source content management framework. It all depends on what you have and where we decide to go together.

Custom Analytics

There are times when out of the box solutions just won't get you the visuals you need. Even using platform extensions and plugins don't quite get you what you want. We've seen it. This is why we've built capabilities with leading custom charting engines like D3.js and HighCharts.

Make the data right

We know that the data is as important as the visual, which is what makes us different. A proper database design and robust, efficient data loads are essential to analytics success. We'll tackle both the front and the back to make sure your application's analytics look good and feel good.

Contact us today to find out how Inquidia can show you how to collect, integrate and enrich your data. We do data. You can, too.

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