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With Tableau’s Drive methodology for scaling out self-service analytics, organizations are seeing the road ahead to successful Tableau deployments. But not every organization is ready to set out on that journey without a guide. This is where Inquidia comes in.

With our decades of experience in analytic systems, self service analytics, and data-driven thinking, we’ve crafted a way to get organizations moving with Tableau Drive. Introducing Inquidia OverDrive℠.

inquidia overdrive methodology

When implemented according to a thoughtfully constructed strategy, Tableau has the potential to be a paradigm shift in analytical capabilities.However, not every organization is immediately ready to accept and adopt such radical new capabilities. It can be frustrating and scary for an organization, and technical shortcomings can sometimes wreak havoc.

Inquidia consultants have helped many companies through Tableau implementations. In doing so, we have faced many of the same shortcomings and pitfalls time and time again, both in technical and organizational readiness. We know where the landmines and pitfalls are on this path, and we’ve overcome them. This makes us the perfect partner to help make your Tableau implementation a success.

Discovery Phase

In the base Tableau Drive methodology, any successful deployment starts with Discovery. You know how your data and reports have functioned in the past, and you may even have visions of what you want from them in the future. Tableau Drive outlines how to take stock of your current environment and instructs you to lay out a desired future state, but the real work of Discovery is figuring out how to navigate from current to future. It is easy to get waylaid in-between. We’ve developed successful templates and analytical approaches that lead the way.

OverDrive Detect and OverDrive Identify bridge the gap between the current state and the future state by fully grokking your current data, ideating how it can evolve, and projecting what is possible for that data within Tableau.

overdrive detect

OverDrive Detect

Every data source has untapped potential. With Tableau you can unleash that potential, but only if your data is ready for Tableau. With Inquidia’s OverDrive Detect Methodology, our experts not only catalog your current data sources, but analyze them for Tableau readiness: format, aggregation, cleanliness, reliability, level of detail, performance, and ability to play well with your other data sources. If your data isn’t ready for prime time, we figure out how to get it there so that it will plug and play with your powerful new visualization tool.

An in-depth plan for how to integrate, scrub, organize, and optimize all data sources, whether they are big data, columnar, relational, transactional, object-oriented, web-based, text files, or all of the above, so that your company’s data is ready to shine with Tableau.


  • Current Data Flow Map
  • Future Data Flow Map
  • Data Roadmap
  • Data Wishlist & Gap Assessment
  • Data Quality Assessment

overdrive detect

OverDrive Identify

If your company’s current reporting and analysis were cutting it, we wouldn’t be here, would we? You may have a clear vision of where you want to be at the end of this implementation. But what you may not know is all of the ways Tableau can revolutionize your data experience. It pays to have an experienced Tableau expert working in side by side with your analysts to demonstrate and fully realize these possibilities.

For instance, did you know that if you structure your data slightly differently, you can do path analysis on your shipments? Or with some simple data wrangling you can dig in and better analyze online customer feedback? OverDrive Identify maps it out for you.

An articulated future state, and a distinct, tangible plan for your Dashboards and analytics including insightful, actionable reports built on your integrated, scrubbed, and optimized data sources from OverDrive Detect.


  • Current KPI Assessment
  • Future-State KPI Catalog
  • Dashboard Dreamboard
  • Reporting Roadmap Current -> Future

Prototyping & Quick Wins Phase

The standard Tableau Drive approach then moves to Prototyping and & Quick Wins. This phase is all about Proof of Concepts. Generate some quick solutions in order to build internal support and grow organizational consensus for your Tableau effort.
This is exactly what you need to do, but how do you pick which visualizations to POC? How do you prioritize? Which are low hanging fruit, and which should wait for the full implementation? Do you base this on what your executives most want to see, or on which data is in the best shape? Inquidia has done this dozens of times with great success, and we are willing to share our secrets with you.

overdrive detect

OverDrive Wingman

The goal of building prototypes is to grow support within your organization. To do this, you really need to impress. You’ll need expert assistance: someone who’s got your back, someone who can make those prototypes sing. You’ll need an experienced Tableau Jedi whose only goal is to make you look good, and show the amazing things you can do with Tableau. With a proven track record of successful Tableau implementations, we would be honored to be your Wingman.

Leverage our wealth of Tableau experience and data expertise to generate quick and dirty Dashboards that win friends and influence executives.


  • Amazing /Impressive Dashboards, built on your data
  • Customized Dashboard Template(s) & Color Schemes
  • Prototype Roadshow
  • Internal Developer Wingman Training

overdrive detect

OverDrive Wrangle

This is the execution of OverDrive Detect. In Detect we orchestrated the plan, in Wrangle we make it happen by using a customized approach for your specific data needs. Dirty data, we scrub. Differing levels of granularity, we aggregate as required. Transactional data sources, we normalize. Diverse data sets, we integrate. It’s about shaping the data for the right purpose. This is what we do.

Your diverse data sources are scrubbed, integrated, aggregated, and optimized for Tableau. You can then use that data to create amazing prototype dashboards.


  • Dirty Data Action Plan
  • Data Performance Assessment
  • Analytics-Ready Data Source
  • Productionalized Data Flows

Foundation Building Phase

Tableau Drive next moves to Foundation building, where the technical and organizational underpinnings are put in place. In the construction phase of a Tableau implementation, a lot of different elements must come together seamlessly in Foundation Building. Will you be ready?

overdrive detect

OverDrive Assemble

You have some prototype dashboards, and some data ready to go, but what about security? What about performance? Extracts vs Live Connections: which will be faster? Is the Tableau server ready for the number of users we have planned? So many questions, so little time.

Relax, we have you covered. We’ve done this many times before. We will walk you through step by step and help you assemble all of your components prior to launch.

The Center of Operations (IT) is ready for Tableau Deployment. All of the elements are in place and properly configured for launch.


  • Detailed Security Plan & Execution Strategy
  • Dashboard Performance Test Results
  • Data Performance Optimization Strategy (Data Source & Reporting)
  • Mobile User Assessment & Strategy

overdrive detect

OverDrive Elevate

Technical readiness is not the only requirement for a successful Tableau launch. The business units must be ready to accept this new and sometimes unsettling way of looking at their data. . It can be difficult and threatening to let go of our precious Excel or static reporting. We know. We have dealt with it firsthand. This requires a certain amount of cheerleading and hand-holding. Tableau refers to this as the Center for Evangelism, and evangelizing is an apt description of what is needed. OverDrive Elevate helps to spread the word through enlightening training, fun Tableau demos, and emotional support.

Build excitement for a new way of doing things. Spread the word! Tableau is here, and it is good. The Center for Evangelism is ready for launch, and so are our primary users.


  • Dashboard Roadshow
  • Business User Training
  • Executive Demos
  • Tableau Gamification

Scale Out Phase

The final phase in the Tableau Drive methodology is the Scale Out phase. Deploy! Deploy! Deploy! Scale Out unleashes Tableau to the masses. If you have thoroughly and carefully executed Discovery, Prototyping & Quick Wins, and Foundation Building, Scale-Out should be simple, easy, and quick. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and Scale Out beyond the initial installation requires a little push.

overdrive detect

OverDrive Extend

Assume everything goes well. Executives love their new Dashboards. Analysts are making wonderful data discoveries. End users are impressed. Everyone is so pleased that they demand more- much more. Additional internal data sources, external data sources, deeper analysis, drill-downs, let’s create custom dashboards for our best customers and share them online! It’s like you’ve won the pie-eating contest and the prize is more pie. We can help you plan for success by building the internal resources to grow and evolve the Tableau environment.

Enable the organization to evolve, grow, and Extend the Tableau environment beyond initial deployment.


  • Analytics Wishlist
  • Analytics Life-Cycle Development Strategy
  • Add-On Project Roadmaps
  • Customized Internal Resource Training

overdrive detect

OverDrive Boost

Sometimes, you follow the steps, and get to the point where you want to Scale Out, but it’s not where you want it to be. Organizational adoption is not what was hoped for. Analysts are still clinging to their legacy reports, reluctant to dive in to Tableau. End users have questions about data quality and/or performance. What happened? The answers could be organizational, technical, or both. It is possible to get back on track. We can help with OverDrive Boost.

Fix and overcome any technical or organizational issues that may be thwarting the success of the Tableau implementation. Sometimes this is as easy as optimizing a datasource or switching from live connections to extracts. Other times it is an organizational issue where certain business units are reluctant to change. Customized requirement gathering, individualized reporting, additional training, or advanced evangelizing is required. We can help you overcome these challenges and more with
OverDrive Boost.


  • Detailed Gap Assessment
  • Customized OverDrive Boost Strategy
  • Data Performance Optimization Strategy
  • Dashboard Tuning
  • Targeted Training
  • Tableau Gamification
  • Customized Demos

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