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Thursday, November 7, 2013 - 15:00

If you’re like us, the final out of the World Series is bittersweet. You enjoy watching the climactic ending of a scintillating MLB post season, but then realize that there will be no more games to watch or box scores to analyze until spring. You certainly can fill the time watching football, basketball and hockey. Or you can create a viz that lets you “watch” any World Series game in history.  

Start by clicking any year and you’ll see line scores for each series game. Click on a line score and you can see the starting lineups. Simple enough. But, what if you want play by play detail? Click on the button on the lower right and you’ll be taken to a new page where you can see final game stats and watch the entire game from the first batter to the final out (or walk off!).

You won’t find any games for 1904 or 1994. Baseball buffs know that the World Series was brand new in 1903 and that relations between AL and NL owners and executives were still, shall we say, forming. In 1904 the National League champion Giants’ manager, John McGraw, and the American League president, Ban Johnson, were not the best of friends. In fact, their personal animus led to no series being played, with McGraw declaring that the Giants were the world champions of the “only real major league.” The Boston Americans won the AL pennant.  

The 1994 World Series was cancelled due to a player strike. Chicagoans like us know that the White Sox were on fire that season and had a very good chance at the title.  Frank Thomas was at the height of his career and the Sox sported one of the best starting rotations In the MLB:  reigning Cy Young winner “Black” Jack McDowell, All-Star Wilson Alvarez, Alex Fernandez and rookie All-Star sensation Jason Bere. Little wonder that many Sox fans blamed owner Jerry Reinsdorf for costing them a chance at a long awaited glory and stopped attending games at Comiskey the following season. The Sox eventually won the World Series in 2005 and all was forgiven.

You can relive the White Sox 2005 victory or choose any one of your favorite World Series games. Other than the recently completed 2013 season, they are all here.

  • Game 1, 1988 – A hobbled Kirk Gibson delivers a pinch-hit game winning home run

  • Game 6, 1956 – Don Larsen pitches a perfect game

  • Game 6, 1975 – Carlton Fisk’s famous home run against The Big Red Machine.

  • Game 6, 1986 – Mets over Red Sox in 10 innings, sorry Bill Buckner

  • Game 7, 1991 – Twins over Braves  1-0 on a 10 inning gem by Jack Morris.  Come on BBWAA put him in the hall of fame already!

  • Game 7, 2001 – D-backs beat a stunned  Yankee nation as Mariano blows a save and loses on a Luis Gonzalez 2-run single in the bottom of the ninth

  • Game 7, 1960 – Bill Mazeroski hits a walk off home run to give the Pittsburgh Pirates a championship in what some suggest is the greatest game ever played.

  • Game 5, 1908 – Orval Overall throws a shut out to give our beloved Cubbies their last title…sigh.



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