What's your big data plan?

Monday, April 1, 2013 - 11:15

Biesdorf, Court, and Willmott hit the mark with their recent McKinsey Quarterly article, "Big data: What's your plan?" The first step in your data-driven initiative should be to create a plan. Any initiative will be more successful when its priorities are driven from clearly stated business benefits. "It may sound obvious," the authors state, "but in our experience, the missing step for most companies is spending the time required to create a simple plan for how data, analytics, frontline tools, and people come together to create business value."

They go on to say "the power of a plan is that it provides a common language allowing senior executives, technology professionals, data scientists, and managers to discuss where the greatest returns will come from and, more important, to select the two or three places to get started." This is foundational, we have found, to the kinds efforts that our clients are asking for at Inquidia.

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