WebClinic: Big Data Preparation and Cleansing

Tuesday, November 1, 2016 - 13:00

Big Data is here to stay. With the exponential growth in the number of data sets, there is plenty of redundant information. How can you achieve data quality and better standardize contact data, while making it maintainable?


Melissa Data and Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) have the solutions you need to tackle these common data issues. PDI empowers you to beautify Big Data with its Graphical User Interface that offers the same quality and flexibility as a high-level programming language. Together with Melissa Data's cleansing and matching components, data scientists can easily and quickly clean up and beautify Big Data.

Learn How To:

✔ Simplify and automate your data without any programming in Pentaho
✔  Clean, consolidate, and correct data with Melissa Data components in Pentaho
✔  Match records with Melissa Data MatchUp and merge data through Survivorship, which collapses duplicates into a single, complete record


Big Data Preparation and Cleansing
Kevin Haas
Kevin R. Haas is a partner at Inquidia. With 20 years of experience with business intelligence and data management technologies, Haas is known for his hands-on technical knowledge to deliver solutions that go beyond standard methodologies and approaches. 

 Big Data Preparation and Cleansing
Sherin Mathew
Sherin Mathew is a sales engineer at Melissa Data. His duties include working with customers on technical information on Melissa Data’s solutions, product testing, high-level tech support.

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