Tableau Data Extract Output Plugin for Pentaho Data Integration Now Available

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Monday, March 17, 2014 - 13:45

Inquidia releases Tableau Data Extract Output plugin for broader data access and enriched integration.

Chicago, January 2014 – With Inquidia’s release of the Tableau Data Extract Output Plugin for Pentaho Data Integration, part of the Pentaho Business Analytics platform, it’s now much easier to combine Pentaho’s extensive ETL capabilites with Tableau’s robust visual analytics. Chris Deptula, senior consultant with Inquidia, developed the plugin which is currently available on GitHub and through the Pentaho PDI Marketplace.

"In keeping with our mission, we chose to open source this plugin to better serve customers," says Inquidia founder Steve Miller, "and we welcome further contributions from the community."

The Tableau Data Extract Output plugin for Pentaho Data Integration allows you to use Pentaho's enterprise ETL capabilities, with its advanced architected blending of data from multiple data sources, to generate a Tableau Data Extract (TDE) file – a compressed file specially optimized for Tableau performance. The TDE file can then be published to a Tableau server or used in Tableau Desktop.

"This plugin not only expands data connection options, like APIs, Hadoop, NoSQL and Amazon S3, but also allows for more scalable and robust data blending," says Deptula. "The simplified process makes it much easier to manage and administer enterprise-wide data access for Tableau."

Typically, Tableau creates a separate TDE from each data source. Data is then blended through the Tableau desktop tool, limiting the nature and volume of data which can be blended. This new plugin allows for the extraction of data from several sources into one TDE, simplifying and governing the blending process while also providing scale. The plugin requires Pentaho Data Integration 4.3 or above and Tableau 8.0 or 8.1.

Developments such as this are in line with Inquidia’s overall strategy, bringing together the best in data architecture, analysis and business intelligence to provide maximum benefit for customers. "We strive to integrate leading data integration and analytics technologies to service our customers’ growing BI and data science needs," says Miller. Inquidia’s role as a Tableau Alliance Partner and Pentaho System Integration Partner further promotes this strategy.

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Get the plugin from the Pentaho Data Integration Marketplace and read more about it here.

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