Inquidia’s Pentaho 7.1 Upgrade Service

Monday, July 24, 2017 - 16:30

The recent release of Pentaho 7.0 brings substantial new functionality and architectural consolidation for current Pentaho 6 and 5 customers. As a long-time Pentaho implementation partner and noted expert in the Pentaho marketplace, Inquidia Consulting has developed a pre-packaged, Pentaho 7 upgrade service ready to support our current and new clients as they migrate to this new major release.

Specifically, Pentaho 7.1 includes new features such as visualizations anywhere in the data pipeline, Spark SQL, Spark Streaming, and additional metadata injection support. Architecturally, Pentaho 7.1 introduces a major change from version 6.x and before: the Business Analytics and Data Integration servers are unified into a new and simplified Pentaho Server.

The newly unified Pentaho Server requires careful consideration of various architectural options. The merging of servers does not necessarily mean you should deploy a single Pentaho Server in your production installation. You still must consider factors like server capacity, processing windows, and volume of repository content (i.e. reports, cubes, ETL jobs and transforms). Choosing the right server architecture will directly impact report and ETL performance.

Additionally, like most major Pentaho upgrades, upgrading to Pentaho 7.1 from earlier versions is not necessarily an “in place” upgrade. You must perform a new installation of Pentaho and then migrate your code to the new environment.

Inquidia’s senior architects have the expertise to help you select the best server architecture, and adopt this major platform update. To help our clients reduce risk and optimize their productivity with this upgrade, we have extended our Inquidia Reflex™ methodology to include a process for migrating to Pentaho 7. Our Pentaho 7 Upgrade Service will:

  • Recommend the best and most cost effective server architecture for your Pentaho 7.1 installation
  • Install and configure the Pentaho 7.1 server in your various environments
  • Migrate and test existing Pentaho ETL, cubes, and reports to the new environment
  • Move ETL, and report schedules to Pentaho 7.1
  • Educate your team on the new features in Pentaho 7.1


With Inquidia’s expertise, you can have a production ready Pentaho 7.1 environment deployed and running in as little as one week. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and see how the Inquidia team can help!


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