Inquidia Sponsors Spark! Event Chicago

Thursday, August 15, 2013 - 10:30

SPARK! Events are designed to deliver the most current and relevant topics in the BI and Analytics industry through interactive experiences for BI professionals. These regional events offer the opportunity to engage with industry thought-leaders, analysts, and vendor-sponsors on an ongoing, community building basis.


Join us at Spark! Chicago: Modern Data Platforms in BI

Omni Hotel CHicago

August 27 - 28, 2013

676 N Michigan Ave.


Plenary Sessions

The Journey to Rediscovering BI | John O'Brien | 27 August

Today's data warehousing and business intelligence (BI) landscape is reinventing itself faster and with more innovation than ever before, challenging every aspect of BI programs to adapt and keep up. Companies are adopting emerging technologies -- like big data, advanced analytics, and visualization -- to deliver even more business value through mobile BI, self-service, and discovery. These new information business models are challenging BI programs to abandon old paradigms and to rediscover a new definition of BI.

Where Did We Come From, Where Are We Going? | Dr. Robin Bloor | 28 August

This presentation reviews the evolution of business intelligence (BI) roughly up to its current level of capability, then speculates as to how it may evolve going forward. There are several aspects to this: The progress of hardware technology and its impact on software. The progress of BI itself - an escalation in capabilities, and complexities. The move towards an event-driven world. The gradual lowering of latencies. The behavior of the software market itself. The impact on architectures.


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