Inquidia's team is now part of Pentaho, a Hitachi Group Company

Wednesday, August 16, 2017 - 08:00

We started the company that is today Inquidia Consulting with a simple vision: complete understanding of an organization’s data is the most powerful means to reveal unique opportunities for new and innovative solutions to business problems. From inception, our goal has been to help organizations become data-driven.

And we’ve met that goal, along the way helping hundreds of organizations become more evidence-based decision makers. We’re proud that our work has benefitted clients in many ways. From full-spectrum business analytic services, to planning modernized data architectures, to implementing big data solutions in Hadoop, to making predictions using the latest data science techniques, we’ve helped our clients progress in a rapidly changing data environment.

A core Inquidia principle is the belief that organizations passionate about data-driven decisions should have access to the most nimble, modern, cost-effective analytics platforms to answer the questions that drive their business.

And as both data quantity and complexity have grown exponentially, our customers have increasingly turned to us to help them deploy analytic platforms that manage multiple sources of data, collected anywhere, across diverse platforms.

From our founding in 2006, we were smitten with the technology of a small startup with a big dream. That company, Pentaho, first assembled over a decade ago, developed a business analytics platform that is today unparalleled in the market. Inquidia’s core consulting business revolved on Pentaho’s commercial open source technologies.

Starting early, Inquidia developed a Pentaho training curriculum, delivered Pentaho education and services, provided guidance on product features and improvements, participated on the Pentaho Big Data launch team, and contributed code and best practices to the community. Our Pentaho expertise and advocacy were -- and are -- second to none.

Now that Pentaho is part of Hitachi, that technology has further blossomed. Under Hitachi, we’ve seen the unification of the analytics and data integration platforms, including the development of a “run anywhere” adaptive execution engine for analytics, as well as the continued strengthening of big data and IoT initiative support.

We are excited to announce that we are joining forces with Pentaho. We are aligned with an organization that values our technology expertise and will provide opportunities to access broader analytics capabilities and vision. Collaboration with Pentaho will turbocharge efforts to deliver sophisticated data and analytics, especially around IoT and machine learning. Inquidia customers and consultants will benefit from our expanded capabilities and expertise.

Inquidia will remain true to our principles that managing and analyzing core data assets is our clients’ surest path to creating value. And by joining Pentaho’s team, we know that the whole will be greater than the sum of the parts. With Pentaho, the Inquidia team is poised to deliver on the data vision, helping our staff and customers reach their potential. We’re honored to be part of Pentaho and excited for the future.

Read more about Inquidia joining Pentaho here.

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