Inquidia Makes List of Preeminent Big Data Companies

Thursday, March 20, 2014 - 11:15

Inquidia Named a Top Consulting Firm in Two Big Data Categories

Chicago, March 2014 –  Independent research firm SourcingLine published new research on leading Big Data consulting companies focused on data analytics, and Hadoop consulting companies. Inquidia is one of the few named as a leading firm in both Big Data and Hadoop catagories.

"Inquidia is very excited to be acknowledged for our work in big data and analytics by such a highly-reputable company as SourcingLine," says Inquidia Founding Partner Steve Miller. "Their recognition validates both our consulting approach and the directions in which we've evolved our services business over the last few years." 

Inquidia has been at the forefront of Big Data since the consultancy's founding in 2006, and is an early adopter of Hadoop ecosystem that includes pure Apache, Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR. 

SourcingLine developed a Leaders Matrix based on proprietary research and methodology to identify top services firms and map their capabilities. The new research is accompanied by companion directories on Big Data companies and Hadoop companies. Each directory provides a range of filtering tools to help buyers identify firms that best meet their needs.

"All of the selected companies focus primarily on Big Data analytics or Hadoop and have proven they can provide tangible value to data driven enterprises," stated Tim Clarke, Senior Business Analyst at SourcingLine. "However, it is often challenging for prospective buyers to devise a short-list of leading firms. Our research aims to expedite the procurement process and help connect buyers with qualified services providers."

Inquidia continues its efforts to remain at the leading edge of data analytics. "More than anything, though" continues Miller, "this acknowledges the caliber and quality of Inquidia's consulting staff. We accept the SourcingLine accolades as a challenge to become an even better partner for our customers in 2014."

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