Case Study: iCrossing

With expertise in multi-tenancy as well as a deep familiarity with Pentaho big data solutions, Inquidia was able to assist iCrossing in expanding its Connected Marketing Platform capabilities.


iCrossing, a digital interactive marketing agency focused on building connected brands, has developed a unique tool for their clients; their proprietary Connected Marketing Platform measures campaign performance, turns data into insights, enables true cross-channel attribution and maximizes ROI. Realizing the potential that their data stores could achieve if housed in a high-performance centralized repository, iCrossing enlisted the experts at Inquidia to implement a multi-tenancy Netezza repository powered by Pentaho data integration technology.


iCrossing collected stores of data that they used to benefit their customers, but saw potential to expand the access to data as well as the analytic capabilities. iCrossing’s full vision for their Connected Marketing Platform included a multi-tenancy central repository capable of high performance data collection from disparate sources. Further, iCrossing wanted to improve ad hoc reporting capabilities and provide their clients enhanced self-service functionality.


With Inquidia’s knowledge of multi-tenancy as well as their experience with Netezza and unparalleled Pentaho implementation expertise, they were a natural fit to help iCrossing achieve their goal. They built a Netezza repository with Pentaho integration tools that provided the ability to pull data into one centralized marketing and analysis optimization platform.

To further augment capabilities, Inquidia implemented Pentaho Analyzer to give business analysts ad hoc access to their marketing performance metrics. Inquidia worked with the iCrossing graphics team to seamlessly embed the platform into their existing application.


The central Netezza repository allowed for the collection and management of data coming from disparate existing sources – including bid management, feed management, SEO automation, social media management, display ad serving solutions and mobile advertising – now to be housed all under one roof.

Additionally, the application of Pentaho Analyzer provided a custom multi-tenant solution allowing customers better access to their data through enhanced analytical tools. By working collaboratively, Inquidia helped to seamlessly integrate the new functionality into the existing application. Clients had enriched self-service reporting tools, including a document sharing area and improved visualizations, available through their dashboard.

Inquidia also worked hand in hand with the iCrossing team in the new technologies so they could create additional custom reports and continue to extend solutions and enhanced services to their clients moving forward.

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