Case Study: BNSF Logistics, LLC



BNSF Logistics, LLC, an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corporation, provides customers with a comprehensive set of supply chain solutions ranging from management and execution of single shipment transactions to daily management of complex distribution and sourcing networks. BNSF has grown both organically and through acquisition. Their previous tools for accessing BI data were limiting and static and required a great deal of manual work. Additionally, BNSF required a BI platform that would allow them to integrate new acquisitions quickly and cost effectively.
The Challenge
BNSF was looking for a platform for their planned series of business intelligence (BI) implementations. The initial "Daily Race" solution, the first in the series of implementations, would provide daily broker sales and commission reporting, analysis and dashboards. The Daily Race would enable BNSF Logistics' management to monitor the overall health of the business, proactively identifying trends and enhancing the timeliness and confidence of tactical sales decisions. Individual brokers could also chart daily progress toward commission incentives.

The Approach

BNSF needed a platform that could integrate from all different buckets with a single interpretation of business critical elements. They needed the ability to create reports quickly and to access much needed historical data. They explored open source solutions and were impressed by the Pentaho Open BI Suite because of its standards-based architecture. BNSF Logistics selected Inquidia LLC to implement the Pentaho suite and jump-start their enterprise BI initiative.

“Not only did we deliver a powerful business intelligence tool set for our organization in short order, but were able to do so at a fraction of the cost of proprietary alternatives.”

- Gregg Robbins, Director of Systems Administration in the Information Technology group of BNSF Logistics

The Results

With OpenDash, a "cradle to grave" pilot data mart implementation using the Pentaho BI Suite, Inquidia was able to deliver a deployable solution within six weeks. Inquidia worked hand in hand with BNSF’s internal DBA team to transfer knowledge so BNSF would be equipped to identify rough areas and find solutions on an ongoing basis. The Pentaho BI Suite provided the reporting, analysis, dashboard, data integration and data mining capabilities BNSF required.
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