Case Study: BlueCava


BlueCava offers a patented technology that allows businesses to identify and profile customers across multiple internet devices. This leading-edge application provides marketers with actionable metrics they can use to improve user experience, increase conversion, and maximize revenue. As BlueCava’s business capabilities and client base grew, so did the volume of data collected, prompting the need for a more robust Big Data infrastructure. Knowing the potential of a Hadoop-based data management platform, BlueCava called in Inquidia for guidance on implementation. Inquidia’s expert knowledge of Cloudera Hadoop, business intelligence and analytic applications was able to help BlueCava extract the full benefits of a Hadoop-based platform.


The Challenge

"At BlueCava, marketing means reaching and measuring consumers where they work and play, across all of their devices. This means identifying, matching and understanding consumers at every interaction. Inquidia was able to create and deploy a robust architecture to manage our massive amounts of consumer, device and interaction data in a time-efficient manner. With this advanced architecture in place, our clients have visualizations to understand what happens across screens – every impression, every activity, and every conversion.”

Manish Ahuja, Sr. Director Data Engineering at BlueCava

BlueCava was collecting more data than their current infrastructure was capable of processing. And the forecast was for exponential growth over the next year. At the outset, they had collected tens of millions of devices, anticipating an increase to 1.5 billion devices within a year. Accumulating nearly 3 billion records per month, BlueCava needed to build a platform that would allow them to ingest, store, process and analyze this growing volume of device and interaction data. They also needed sub-second reporting access to metrics derived from the data. BlueCava knew that Hadoop would be a central part of their solution, but sought guidance to determine a comprehensive architecture composed of both technologies and techniques that best fit their business.

The Approach

Inquidia began with a Big Data architecture and implementation roadmap. Inquidia architects worked closely with BlueCava, reviewing data architecture and flows, assessing reports and analysis, and investigating supporting data sources. From this information, Inquidia developed architectural alternatives and recommendations, defining data structures and identifying risks. Ultimately Inquidia defined an architecture that would take advantage of the best-in-class capabilities of the Cloudera Hadoop platform, recommending Pentaho MapReduce to rapidly consume and process the data and Tableau Server for the deployment of rich, interactive visualizations on the data.

Inquidia worked closely with the BlueCava team to setup and configure the new platform to ingest streams of device data into the Hadoop cluster. The team used Pentaho MapReduce, Hive and Pig to process, aggregate, and load the reporting database. In addition, Inquidia worked with BlueCava data scientists to improve the association process by implementing an advanced, rule-based modeling and scoring algorithm to relate individuals and their multiple devices.

On the front end, Tableau Server was implemented for data access, analysis and visualization. Inquidia created a robust interface integrating the sophisticated Tableau visualizations into a Drupal content management platform. This interface allows BlueCava’s clients to measure how consumers interact with online properties and ad campaigns, while understanding how channels influence one another over time. The clients then use this information to optimize their ad campaigns.

The Results

BlueCava now has a platform and infrastructure capable of handling their data and the capacity to easily scale up for continued growth. Data processing times have been significantly reduced with the new architecture, and data access for clients is vastly improved. Prior to the new architecture, clients had to request performance metrics from BlueCava and wait hours or days for BlueCava analysts to manually pull the metrics. With the new Cloudera Hadoop, Pentaho MapReduce and Tableau Server architecture, they now access a self-service portal and get metrics in seconds. Data is presented intuitively using the visually-rich Tableau interface, providing BlueCava clients insight on multi-screen consumers that was never before possible.


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