Case Studies

  • Case Study: Rocky Mountain Health Plans

    Wednesday, April 27, 2016 - 14:00
    Inquidia worked with Rocky Mountain Health plans, helping them bring their analytics infrastructure to a new level. Inquidia implemented a robust data warehouse, using the Pentaho Data Integration platform for end-to-end data management. Business Challenges Required a robust integration and consolidation of disparate data sources. Enforcing data quality rules was time and resource consuming. Governance of a large technology footprint was extremely difficult. A legacy data warehouse, local Microsoft Access databases, multilayered processes, and manual... [more]
  • Case Study: USAble Life

    Sunday, December 13, 2015 - 20:45
    Overview USAble Life is a life insurance subsidiary dedicated to delivering protection and peace of mind to each of their customers, whether a consumer, employer group, or producer. With experience, financial stability, and high-quality products including life, accident, and health insurance sold at the worksite, they are committed to all of their customers’ needs. USAble Life takes great pride in making sure customers get the answers they need at the time they need them most... [more]
  • Case Study: Adler Planetarium

    Tuesday, July 7, 2015 - 14:30
    Inquidia leveraged Pentaho Data Integration to integrate Attendance and Group Sales data from Adler’s Galaxy Ticketing system into a data mart for analysis and reporting. [more]
  • Inquidia Review: Major Newspaper Data Warehousing Work

    Sunday, February 15, 2015 - 08:00
    The Head of Business Intelligence for a Major Newspaper was interviewed by about the work that Inquidia did for them for their data warehousing project. See here what she had to say about the work we did. Project summary: The client is a major American newspaper with many online advertising clients. There was a need to implement a data infrastructure system using Pentaho. Inquidia was selected to set up the small data warehouse and... [more]
  • Case Study: Delta Dental of Virginia

    Overview Delta Dental of Virginia (DDVA), a leading dental benefits provider, had built a successful organization focused on improving the public’s health by delivering quality dental benefits programs and services. Their use of technology and successful data carrier enterprise solution contributed to their ability to provide exceptional service and had placed them in a position for a new phase of growth. Challenge DDVA had developed a claims processing system, DCS2000, providing customer service representatives, administrators,... [more]
  • Case Study: Case Commons™, incubated and funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation

    Overview Case Commons is a technology startup incubated and funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation (AECF), a private charitable organization dedicated to building better futures for disadvantaged children in the United States. Case Commons has developed Casebook®, a unique web-based family information management platform grounded in social network concepts. The system enables frontline caseworkers serving vulnerable families and children to make better-informed decisions and focus on family outcomes. To begin building analytics tools into... [more]
  • Case Study: BNSF Logistics, LLC

    Overview BNSF Logistics, LLC, an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corporation, provides customers with a comprehensive set of supply chain solutions ranging from management and execution of single shipment transactions to daily management of complex distribution and sourcing networks. BNSF has grown both organically and through acquisition. Their previous tools for accessing BI data were limiting and static and required a great deal of manual work. Additionally, BNSF required a BI... [more]
  • Case Study: iCrossing

    With expertise in multi-tenancy as well as a deep familiarity with Pentaho big data solutions, Inquidia was able to assist iCrossing in expanding its Connected Marketing Platform capabilities. Overview iCrossing, a digital interactive marketing agency focused on building connected brands, has developed a unique tool for their clients; their proprietary Connected Marketing Platform measures campaign performance, turns data into insights, enables true cross-channel attribution and maximizes ROI. Realizing the potential that their data stores could... [more]
  • Case Study: Intelligent InSites

    Overview: Intelligent InSites is a leading software company that is transforming healthcare operations with real-time operational intelligence aimed at improving care, enhancing the human experience and increasing efficiency. Their own Real Time Location Services (RTLS) software provides a wide range of solutions for healthcare systems, from asset management to patient workflow, environmental monitoring, infection control, and more. Challenge: The RTLS software, however, did not have business intelligence capabilities. Something their management team felt was vital... [more]
  • Case Study: BlueCava

    Overview BlueCava offers a patented technology that allows businesses to identify and profile customers across multiple internet devices. This leading-edge application provides marketers with actionable metrics they can use to improve user experience, increase conversion, and maximize revenue. As BlueCava’s business capabilities and client base grew, so did the volume of data collected, prompting the need for a more robust Big Data infrastructure. Knowing the potential of a Hadoop-based data management platform, BlueCava called in... [more]


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